Steering wheel

Steering wheel

Product no.: 1072-0001
Price $ export netto, plus delivery, incl. original parts
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Create your own specific Carbon steering wheel, all options included, no additional costs – choose/mix whatever you want (tell us at the end of your order the codes 1a,2c,3a... incl. each colour wish (name or code):
Base wheel options:
1a 4 spoke steering wheel
1b 4 spoke steering wheel multifunction
1c 3 spoke steering wheel (with onepiece steering wheel trim)
1d 3 spoke steering wheel (with two-piece steering wheel trim)

Carbon options:
2a standard 3 sections at the grip areas
2b only top
2c only bottom
2d 2 sections, top and bottom
2e at the spokes
2f only bottom left and right
2g complete (on this version selection does end here)
Leather/Alcantara options:

3a Leather, tell us your original interior colour code or tell us your leather wish colour
3b Alcantara, tell us your original interior colour code or tell us your alcantara wish colour
3c special leather, perforated…whatever, tell us your wish and also your colour wish.
Stiching colour:
4a matching to leather/alcantara colour
4b tell us your colour wish
Additional options:
5a racering on 12 o´clock, tell us your colour wish
5b thicker leather/alcantara areas, +1,+2,+3mm…

For the BMW X5 E53.




Please note all items for RHD available too, a short note ("for RHD") on your order is enough!


On the top you can choose between black/silver/coloured carbon and our different finish.

Choose an option and you´ll see example pics.

Additional product information

Options Carbon black, finish highgloss +0% (OEM matching)

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