SLR McLaren + 722

SLR McLaren + 722

SLR McLaren + 722


For the Mercedes Benz SLR-class McLaren + 722 we offer carbon interior parts, on the dashboard the trim lining, trims around the switches and climate control; as well as the center console with the ash-tray. On the door panels you´ll find with us the trim linings.

On the exterior we offer carbon parts like the side mirror housings, air intakes on the front hood, side air outlet fins, rear spoiler and the rear diffusor.

Other parts on request, don´t hesitate to contact us for advice on your perfect with existing material/colours combined package.

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Trim strip above center vents.

$161.00 *

Surround for climate control below ash-tray.

$221.00 *

Surround for the center switches, below center vent unit.

$221.00 *

Surround for shifter and switches on the middle console.

$464.00 *

Lid for the ash-tray in the center.

$182.00 *

Trim linings for the door panels r+l.

$382.00 *

Complete side mirrors r+l, incl. supports and triangle attaching to car.

$1,108.00 *

Complete air intakes on the engine hood r+l, 10-piece.

$2,154.00 *

All 4 fins for the side air outlets r+l.

$1,189.00 *

Complete rear spoiler top cover.

$664.00 *

Complete diffusor for the rear bumper.

$1,833.00 *
Price $ export netto, plus delivery, incl. original parts