W209 Coupe/Cabrio

W209 Coupe/Cabrio

W209 Coupe/Cabrio


For the Mercedes Benz CLK-class W209 we offer carbon interior parts, on the dashboard the ignition surround, the glove box handle, trims around the center vent/switches and climate control; as well as the center console with the ash-tray and shift knob. On the door panels you´ll find with us the trim linings, door pulls, side mirror covers and trim around the window switches.

On the exterior we offer carbon parts like the side mirror housings.

Other parts on request, don´t hesitate to contact us for advice on your perfect with existing material/colours combined package.

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Surround for ignition/steering lock hole.

$71.00 *

Handle for glove box in front of passenger.

$221.00 *

Surround for center switches, hazard surround.., for cars with square bordcomputer – since 2005.

$292.00 *

Frame for climate control unit, for cars with square bordcomputer – since 2005.

$269.00 *

Complete support for climate control, bordcomputer and center switches, for cars with rounded bordcomputer – until 2005.

$695.00 *

Round cover between center vents, surround for air controls.

$161.00 *

Center storage box below radio, for cars w/o bordcomputer.

$164.00 *

Handle for glove box in front of passenger.

$458.00 *

Lid for the ash-tray in front of the shifter.

$220.00 *

Shifter for cars with manual 6speed transmission.

$685.00 *

Shifter for cars with automatic transmission.

$685.00 *

Linings/Trim strips for the front door panels r+l.

$673.00 *

Complete inside door pulls for the door panels r+l.

$602.00 *

Surround/Trim for window switches door panels r+l.

$509.00 *

The airbag emblems sitting at the front door panels r+l.

$137.00 *

Linings/Trim strips for the rear door panels r+l.

$329.00 *

Covers for the side mirrors from the inside r+l.

$298.00 *

Rear housing for the side mirrors.

$757.00 *

Frames for the side mirrors.

$379.00 *
Price $ export netto, plus delivery, incl. original parts