About us / Guarantee


Our warranty promise, worldwide unique.
Lifetime warranty on the stability and conservation of our work

DBCarbon is more than a decade for perfection and a new benchmark in carbon processing of original parts of the car manufacturers in the sport / luxury segment. The use of our products all over the world and our own long-term tests have clearly shown that we can offer our customers a lifetime warranty.
The typical problems of the industry (detachment of the fabric, cracks, discoloration etc ...) we can exclude through our high quality standards and our know-how in our own developed manufacturing process.

However, should a problem arise, do not hesitate to contact us. We will check the problem and accordingly make a revision or complete renewal of the product.
Due to material errors and the human factor / handmade in our manufactory, we can of course problems never exclude to 100%, but here you can count on our promise of warranty and our service.

Custom made products are our passion.
We make everything possible!

You will not find a part in our programs, have another model or imagine an different design?
We plan, advise and put together with your needs in detail in order.
In cooperation with an Sattler company we can implement also combinations with other materials.
We refine also parts from other areas, visit our custom made column to get an idea.
In the field of yachting, housing, sanitation, accessories etc. we have already implemented many special parts.

Challenge us!

Delivery times

We have fundamentally a selection of various products of all programs ready in stock, mainly in our standard option "carbon black, finish highgloss".
Due to seasonal fluctuations demands may be exhausted even this stock.
Basically, we manufacture your orders specially for you after order confirmation ago, individual requests, additional options and other finish or colors can be realized that way.
For the manufacturing process in our factory we need about 3-4 weeks, of course you´ll receive right away after you placed order all information about availability and / or delivery time of your parts.


For any questions, advice or orders, we are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year available at the specified service number or by email