R8 4S (since 2015) V10, Spyder

R8 4S (since 2015) V10, Spyder

R8 4S (since 2015) V10, Spyder

Audi R8 4S real carbon interior and exterior parts

For the Audi R8, model 4S we offer carbon interior parts, the side vents and center vent, the trim pieces around the cockpit on driver´s side, the air vents on top of the dashboard; as well as the center console and the shift knob. On the door panels you´ll find with us the door pulls and handles, the window switch surrounds and trim plates; furthermore the belt trims, CD changer surround and on the steering wheel the trim arm and rear hub.

On the engine bay we offer carbon parts like the center engine cover, the airbox cover right and left, the engine wall, the large side trim panels and the extra water tank cover. On the exterior the side mirror housings, triangles, door handles, trim linings on the doors and the fuel door.

Other parts on request, don´t hesitate to contact us for advice on your perfect with existing material/colours combined package.

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Complete side air vent units on the door panels r+l, incl. rear air passages, air fins and adjusting wheels.

$433.00 *

Complete center air vent unit on the dashboard center area above the climate control buttons, incl. rear air passages, air fins and adjusting wheels.

$272.00 *

3-piece U shaped entire cockpit surround, starts above driver´s side vent, around instrument cluster till center dash vent.

$695.00 *

Side surround for the instrument cluster r+l, support the top instrument hood.

$997.00 *

Spear formed trim piece on top of the dashboard passenger´s side, attaching to the door trim plate.

$231.00 *

Air vents on top side of the dashboard r+l, beside the A-pillars.

$262.00 *

Center console frame, surrounds shifter area and center main switches.

$323.00 *

Upper trim piece for the automatic shift knob.

$192.00 *

Interior door grab pull on driver´s door panel.

$382.00 *

Interior door pull on passenger´s door panel.

$312.00 *

Surrounds for the window switches, side mirror adjusting and bonnet switch r+l.

$836.00 *

Door handle units on door panels r+l, complete with the grab shells.

$776.00 *

Trim plates on the door panels, attaching driver´s side to the “U” on the dashboard and on passenger´s side to the dash “spear”.

$393.00 *

Frame for the cd changer unit between the seats.

$272.00 *

Trim opening around the belt at the B-pillars r+l.

$278.00 *

Rear side hub housing for the steering wheel.

$343.00 *

Entire front trim arm for the steering wheel.

$534.00 *

Cover for the air filter box, r+l from center engine bay cover.

$946.00 *

Center engine bay cover, surrounds the oil lid.

$664.00 *

Engine protection wall/cover at the engine bay.

$635.00 *

Entire trim panels for right and left side of engine bay area. Available for cars with or w/o LED light on engine bay area.

$1,521.00 *

Cover housing for the water tank on the right upper side of the engine bay.

$333.00 *

Upper side mirror housings r+l.

$664.00 *

Front frames for the side mirrors r+l.

$494.00 *

Exterior triangles close to the side mirrors r+l.

$262.00 *

Door handles on exterior beside the side blades r+l.

$588.00 *

Blind cap for passenger´s exterior door handle lock.

$56.00 *

Trim linings outside on the doors r+l.

$1,038.00 *

Lid/Cover for the tank opening on passenger´s upper side blade part.

$372.00 *
Price $ export netto, plus delivery, incl. original parts