Q7 4L (2005-2009)

Q7 4L (2005-2009)

Q7 4L (2005-2009)

Audi Q7 4L real carbon interior and exterior parts

For the Audi Q7, model 4L we offer carbon interior parts, the trim lining on the dashboard on driver´s side around the instrument/screen, the trim lining on passenger´s side, the side vents and center vent; as well as the front center console with ash-tray lid and the shift surround, suitable for this the back console and trim on the rear armrest, with cup holder lid and air vent. On the door panels you´ll find with us the trim linings, door pulls and door handles for the front and rear doors; furthermore our steering wheel with attachment parts after customer specifications.

On the exterior we offer carbon parts like the side mirror housings.

Other parts on request, don´t hesitate to contact us for advice on your perfect with existing material/colours combined package.

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Trim lining on dashboard in front of passenger, with quattro emblem.

$254.00 *

Dash trim piece surrounds instrument and multimedia screen.

$564.00 *

Complete side vent units r+l on the dashboard.

$556.00 *

Complete center vent unit on the dashboard.

$423.00 *

Center console trim piece, surrounds shifter and center switch area.

$419.00 *

Lid for the ash-tray in the middle console, in front of shifter.

$189.00 *

Trim frame for the shifter and center switches, on top of console.

$178.00 *

Rear center console trim, surrounds rear center vent unit.

$258.00 *

Lid for the cup-holder in the rear center arm-rest.

$217.00 *

Trim piece on rear center arm-rest, behind cup-holder lid.

$173.00 *

Complete center vent unit at the rear end of the center console.

$302.00 *

Trim linings for the front door panels r+l.

$588.00 *

Inside door pulls r+l.

$601.00 *

Door handle at the passenger´s side door panel.

$125.00 *

Trim linings for the rear door panels r+l.

$588.00 *

Inside door pulls r+l.

$601.00 *

Door handles r+l at the rear door panels.

$230.00 *

Create your own specific steering wheel, all options included, no additional costs – choose/mix whatever you want

$2,417.00 *

Complete side mirror covers r+l.

$1,015.00 *

Complete side mirror covers r+l.

$1,015.00 *
Price $ export netto, plus delivery, incl. original parts