World´s finest and largest real carbon interior & exterior programs for your Porsche, Audi, Maserati, BMW & Mercedes-Benz

Flawless handwork - Made in Germany - stable for lifetime

Porsche 95B Macan carbon interior trim lining steering wheel cover real carbon parts shift paddles
Porsche 991 turbo carbon rear wing diffusor exclusive series real carbon exterior parts engine bay trim
Porsche 986 996 carbon center console ashtray storage box real carbon interior trim carbon parts console shift knob handbrake
Porsche 981 991 carbon center console switch unit ashtray real carbon interior trim carbon parts gear shift knob
Porsche 997 carbon interior center console real carbon door panel dash trim carbon parts air vents gear shift knob cover
Porsche 991 991.2 GT2 RS Carbon diffusor spoiler blade wing air intake duct vent trim Weissach exterior carbon parts
Audi R8 42 carbon side mirrors real carbon sideblade exterior carbon parts mirror housing
Porsche 981 991 991.2 718 carbon interior trim linings dashboard cover sport design steering wheel arm pdk shift knob carbon parts
Porsche 991 turbo carbon side air intakes real carbon exterior carbon parts air ducts rear fender
Mercedes Benz G G63 AMG W463 Carbon trim lining dash cover panel interior center console carbon parts
Porsche 987 997 carbon center console real carbon interior trim carbon parts console shift knob ashtray
Porsche 997 GT2 RS turbo carbon side mirror housings real carbon exterior side air intakes body carbon parts
Porsche 95B Macan carbon exterior trim front bumper real carbon diffusor spoiler lip carbon parts front grill




The DB Carbon manufactory - a mid size business company -
founded in 2005, owner managed with passion


Our warranty promise, unique in the world.
Lifetime guarantee on our products - stable quality in perfection.


For over a decade, DB Carbon has stood for absolute perfection and new standards in the industry of carbon refinement on original parts from the vehicle manufacturers in the sport / luxury segment.

The use of our products around the world in the most extreme climatic areas and our in-house long-term tests have clearly shown that we can offer our customers a lifetime guarantee. The typical problems of the industry, whether in the area ex works or aftermarket (detachment of the fabric, cracks, color changes etc ...), we can rule out with thanks to our highest quality standards and know-how since over 15 years in our own developed and perfected manufacturing process.



Handwork - Made in Germany – in our own factory


Should you still have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. The human factor can never be completely ruled out, that's what we stand behind our work and you can rely on our guarantee.

DBCarbon interior exterior carbon parts






Sample: Porsche 911 997 series, carbon door pocket lid, door handle and trim panel parts package.


DB Carbon
Porsche 997 Carbon interior part door panel trim console DB Carbon lifetime stable quality

OEM Carbon
Posche 997 turbo Carbon replacement parts door panel trim completely separated from the base part, cracked finish… at the factory carbon parts.




DB Carbon vs. OEM Carbon



DB Carbon Porsche 996 interior trim carbon parts center console

Porsche 911 classic 996 series, yellowed and cracked carbon gear knob from factory - next to a DB carbon “non-smoker” package storage compartment for the center console in flawless condition.


Sample: Maserati GranTurismo light switch assembly at the dash

DB Carbon
Carbon headlight switch trim panel Maserati GranTurismo interior carbon parts perfect solid finish work at the DB Carbon part
OEM sticky finish issue
Maserati GranTurismo interior trim replacement sticky finish issue sticky, peeling off surface issue at the factory part




Specialized on carbon parts for all Porsche series since over 15 years, the DB Carbon Team has passionately started to manufacture also all imaginable carbon interior & exterior parts for several Maserati, Audi, BMW & Mercedes-Benz model series. Everything made in house in our manufactory in the north-east of Germany, this is how we implement the wishes of our customers directly. Carbon fiber - the material of the future - is not only an interesting material from a purely technical point of view. Extremely elegant surfaces, with a unique depth effect, complete the message of a premium vehicle and what it stands for - sportiness and engineering skill down to the smallest detail, combined with pure elegance. That is what drives us - you can expect comprehensive advice, in time production and absolutely strict quality standards.

We manufacture real carbon fiber parts in the interior & exterior area for your Porsche 986, 996, 987, 997, 987.2, 997.2, 981, 718, 991, 991.2, 992, 95B, 955, 957, 958, 970, 971, 980, 918, 9J1... Boxster, Carrera, turbo , targa, GT3, GT2, Cayman, RS, Cayenne, Taycan, Macan, GT4, Spyder, Panamera...  - for your Audi A5, A6, A7, A8, Q7, Q8, R8, TT ... - for your BMW 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X1, X3, X5 , X6, Z4 ... - for your Maserati GranTurismo, Quattroporte ... - for your Mercedes-Benz C, CLK, E, G, S, SL, SLS, SLR, AMG GT...

Please select your brand above and browse through the world's largest interior & exterior programs for your model. In the interior range, we offer from the center console, door panel and dashboard parts to the smallest trim part - on the exterior you will find spoilers, air intakes, mirror housings, side skirts and much more.


Carbon & finish options

At our standard option we do manufacture in an exact OEM carbon parts match.

  • identical carbon fabric structure and thread size
  • in an perfect uniform weave direction
  • and exact matching highgloss or matt finish

You can place your DB Carbon components directly next to the factory carbon components installed in / on your sports car. Traditionally, carbon interiors & exterior components are painted in an highgloss finish. Manufacturers such as Porsche or Audi for example, have switched to a very exclusive matt finish on the factory interior carbon parts on models such as the 911 992 or the SUV RSQ8 - we deliver in an exact match to. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati for example, stick to a uniform highgloss finish on the exterior and interior - all AMG models, the GranTurismo and the BMW M series model does come with the highgloss finished carbon parts.

Direct comparison

Porsche 991 carbon shift knob from factory at the GT3 touring installed,
complemented with DB Carbon center console parts
(switch trim, button console, ash-tray)

Porsche 991 991.2 GT3 carbon console shift knob trim ashtray trim lining interior carbon parts

Porsche 911 991.2 carbon sport design side mirror
comes from factory at the GT2RS,
complemented with DB Carbon side mirror triangles

Porsche 991 991.2 carbon sport design side mirror caps exterior carbon parts


Porsche 992 carbon center console trim lining installed from factory on the turbo, complemented with DB Carbon components around the shift knob and buttons

Porsche 992 turbo carbon center console trim lining black highgloss console carbon parts


As an option, we offer our various finishes and colors - there are 5 options to select from on each product.

This includes our black and silver carbon fabrics, on their base and depending on the light or dark color direction, we can produce all imaginable colors in a special glaze process while the different resin and clear lacquer steps. On the exterior, there are carbon components recommended in an body colour match - in the interior, accents can be set with carbon parts in color, in the Porsche area for example we often produce components in the brake calipers colour of the 911 S or turbo models, which are painted in guards red or speed yellow. Picking up the colors of an coloured stitching is also an option, the options are very individual and are usually based on a unique project that is presented in detail in the conversation.

There are also various possible special fabrics with colored threads, special weaves or special design elements.

An selection from our different custom options:

DB Carbon exclusive matt finish DB Carbon exclusive matt finish DB Carbon silver carbon option  DB Carbon silver carbon option DB Carbon custom coloured carbon  DB Carbon custom coloured carbon



Totally custom made parts



You can´t find a part in our programs, you have a model from another manufacturer or are you thinking of a different design? Basically, we make everything possible that is suitable for production within the scope of our guarantee - there are hardly any limits to which we always face innovative ways and individual solutions. We plan, advise and implement your wishes in detail together with you.

In cooperation with a saddler company, we can also implement possible combinations with other materials - the finest leather & alcantara work can be found as standard on our carbon steering wheels and carbon gear knobs. We have also implemented many special parts in the areas of yachting, living, sanitary, accessories, etc. Challenge us!

A couple of very cool samples…..

Carbon finish Brabus Smart interior carbon parts trim Ferrari Carbon engine bay trim panel real carbon parts under hood DB Carbon Porsche 991.2 GT2RS gear shifter trim center console carbon parts DB Carbon center console lid Porsche 991 turbo armrest carbon parts




Delivery time / Production



We basically carry a selection of various interiors & exterior parts of all series in stock, mostly in our standard OEM matching option. Due to seasonal fluctuations in demand and high capacity utilization of our production, this stock can also be exhausted. Basically, we manufacture your project made to order. Individual requests, additional options, other finishes or colors can be implemented this way. Always true to our motto, every project is unique - as is everyone's personal taste.
We need about 3 weeks for the production in our factory. Our production process goes through innumerable steps, each of which requires the highest accurateness and to follow strictly our highest quality standards. Right at the beginning of our production process, when the carbon fabric is laid, there is a fundamental processing step that determines the longevity and flawless appearance of our products.
Afterwards, the components go through various complex steps of resin finish for the famous depth 3D effect of real carbon fabric.
Basically, all components are painted with clear lacquers in the finish you have chosen.

A final step for the perfect brilliance and to equate the robustness against scratches, wear and tear and any environmental influences for your components with the body on the vehicle.
Every part leaves our house after an final end control and in an absolutely flawless condition. A final polish and detailed surface control to remove even the smallest disruptive factors are a matter of course for us.
Carefully packaged, we mainly deliver overseas, but of course also local and within the EU. DHL Express delivers worldwide as a courier for us, guaranteed delivery within one working day throughout Europe and within 3 business days overseas.
Of course, we will contact you immediately after receipt of the order with information on the delivery time and all details about your project.
& nbsp;

For any questions, advice or orders we´re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with our worldwide service in german or english language under +49 (0) 172 / 157 11 02