Customer cars selection - Porsche 981 & 991

For the Porsche models of the 911 series 991.1 & 991.2 and the 981, we provide you here several customer car project pictures to view. Different colours, finish and material combinations gives you a comprehensive impression of the possibilities for your project.

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Here you can see DB Carbon products - Made in Germany - installed on the Porsche 991 and 981 interior. Carbon parts for the door panels, the center console, the dashboard, the seats or the steering wheel - for example on the Boxster, Cayman, GT4 or Spyder.

On the exterior e.g. carbon parts for the rear spoiler of the GT3, GT2 and GT3 RS; side skirts and spoiler lips for the Carrera, targa or turbo.

In the interior, we recommend the carbon trim lining package as basic equipment. In addition to any carbon equipment that may be installed from factory and an elegant combination of the finest materials on the interior, we offer components for the doors, handles, trim panels on the dashboard with the air vents, the center console with shift knob / gear selector and the switch units, as well as parts of the sport seats, door sills and the standard or sport design steering wheel with all carbon attachment parts.

For the exterior, for example on the 991 turbo or GT3 offers the package as a complete line from the front, through the sides, to the rear - the front spoiler lip, the side skirts and the rear diffuser. In addition, we manufacture further carbon components on the side mirrors, the housings and triangles, on the fenders the air intakes and on the engine lid/rear wing area.

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